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Auteur Titre: Source de marnarde et Notre Dames des Anges Date
John V 4/4/06 Source De Marnarde
Diver: J Volanthen

A small habitat was placed at -7m at the start of S3, a scooter and several cylinders were staged for use later. The line in S3 was checked to -60m


Descending, Xavier’s line from 2004 was found to be in place. On reaching the end point (250m tag on yellow tape) The diver tied on and reeled out 75m of line, ending at a depth of -139m. A short rise beyond the end of the line could be seen, before the cave appeared to continue horizontally. The return was uneventful, the habitat being very welcome during the decompression as JV had no "in cave" support.

After decompression was completed, the diver was able to disassemble the habitat underwater, pack it into a bag and remove it, and all cylinders on the same dive. The high water level in the cave made it possible to scooter fully kitted all the way between S2 and 3, with only a small section of crawling. A return is planned.

Lost: 1 heating battery at the start of S3 if found, please email

15/4/06 Notre Dame des Anges
Diver: J Volanthen

On reaching Xavier's end point in S3, 150m of line was added to the end of this cave. The cave rises slowly, and undulates between 40 and 60m, reaching an upwards silt slope at -35m. Here a minor side passage was noted off to the left. The main way on rises up the silt slope and the line was tied off at -30m to avoid further decompression. The passage could be seen continuing to ascend to -20m. The silty nature of this last passage (similar to the exit of S1) seems to indicate that a surface will be reached at the top of the slope. Dive time in S3 150 minutes. Progress between sumps was much easier than last year with the water level being 2 - 3 meters higher.

I am happy to provide more information on these dives if this is of interest.

2006-04-18 15:23:22
Jean-Paul Congratulations John !
Thank you very much for sharing informations about your dives.
Nice to ear about you soon.
2006-04-18 18:13:41
DrJM Congrats John ! Baby habitat sounds great, gonna have to come to see that, mainly if self-instalable and packable ; - )

Keep on the good work



PS: you lazy bastard, "Aven des Camelies" was only a few km uw from the Marnade S3 : )))))))))))
2006-04-18 18:15:29
Xavier Méniscus Félicitation pour ces 2 très belles plongées
Magnifiques explorations !


2006-04-18 18:28:16
philippe radet qui pourrait nous faire pour ceux qui ne parle et ne lise pas l anglais
nous faire une petite traduction?

2006-04-18 18:44:47
Xavier Méniscus
Je tiens à dire que je savais que John devait aller plonger à la Marnade, mais que je n'étais absolument pas au courant qu'il devait reprendre l'explo de Baume des Anges

La configue qu'il a utilisé pour Baume des Anges sur :

Sinon traducteur en ligne :


2006-04-18 19:50:30