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Auteur Titre: La Mescla -119m par John Volanthen Date
Xavier Méniscus Salut à tous

John Volanthen a fait -119m à la Mescla
Arrêt dans un puits vertical

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2005-06-01 20:10:17
Frank John a fait al démarche de diffuser largement ses derniers cr d'explos en France.

Merci à lui. Si quelqu'un pouvait les traduire, nous les intègrerions rapidos dans les fiches-cavité de ce site.


La Mescla, Nice, France
Divers: Al Wallace, John Volanthen
30 & 31 May 2005

Having gained permission from CDS06, Al Wallace and I arrived at the Mescla on 30 May to carry our equipment to the siphon. The carry to sump 1 in the Mescla is interesting, being a mixture of walking cave passage interspersed with rifts crossed using planks, steel wire, railway track and stemples.

All equipment was carried to the start of sump 1 and setup. To save time and effort the next day, I dived 2 cylinders, a scooter and one rebreather through the first 25m long sump and carried over the shallow section between sumps 1 and 2. The cylinders and rebreather were left on the surface at the start of sump 2, the scooter was staged at -6m ready to be collected. With equipment in place, we retired to a campsite in Nice for the night.

On 31st May, we carried the remainder of our equipment to the start of sump 1, Al intended to dive some way into sump 2, I intended to visit the end of the line laid by Rick Stanton last year and look at the shaft he described. We passed sump 1 quickly in excellent visibility, and I attached the rest of my equipment at the start of sump 2. as I set off and retrieved my scooter Al hovered above, watching me disappear and following on, turning after a short while due to ear clearing problems.

I continued on, passing Sump2 without problem. The line is intact all the way through and the jump line to S3 Bis can clearly be seen on the left wall half way through. The visibility worsened as I progressed, with the cave walls and floor becoming more and more silty and the water a milky white. After a total of 53 minutes I was able to surface on the far side of Sump2 and swim to the base of the short waterfall. It was necessary to remove all my equipment and carry each item, including the scooter up the waterfall (about 1.5m high) one item at a time. The next sump followed rapidly after about 4 meters of stream way.

Once back in the water, I dived again, the visibility worsening as I progressed. At about 300m into sump3, I encountered a break in the line and had to repair a 70m section. This took the form of a large pot, which I ascended to find the final slope downwards. The pot is likely to be a junction of some sort, with another passage joining, as the water temperature and clarity changed significantly here.

Following the original line, I reached a shaft, which I descended to find Rick Stanton's yellow line. The passage is very silty and large at this point and about 10m in diameter. I followed Rick's line, descending at about 45 degrees to -100m where it ended at a steepening of the passage.

I tied on and began descending to -119m, where the passage could be clearly seen descending further. At this point I swam to a wall and tied off and returned, surfacing after a time of 161 minutes in S3. A further 50 minutes was required to lower equipment back down the waterfall, the return trip through sump2 taking 50 minutes.

The air between S2 & S3 was perfectly breathable, with no detectable Co2. there is a very large aven ascending into the roof of this airspace which looks like it will lead to dry cave passage, I began to climb, but thought better of it, preferring to wait for the support of a second diver, possibly bringing climbing equipment.

Thanks to Al for his support.

Equipment used:

Ø 1x modified inspiration,
Ø 1x Joki
Ø 1x 12L 8/60
Ø 1x 15L air
Ø 1x UV26

2005-06-07 22:36:23
didou Chapeau bas sir Volanthen;et tous ça après le Bestouan.
Encore bravo!!!!
Dit bernard!quand est ce que tu y retournes?
A+ Didou
2005-06-11 06:54:10