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Auteur Titre: french Congress and dive Fontaine de Vaucluse Date

As part of the fourth international cave diving congress year 2008

As part of the fourth international cave diving congress year 2008, the cave divers of Paris (PSP later) will organize, in partnership with the Speleological Society of Fontaine de Vaucluse (SSFV later), discovery dives at Fontaine de Vaucluse (France, 84).

To prepare this event, the PSP wrote the following charter that every divers part of it should agree with since the purpose of this charter is to keep them aware of the cave diving’s risks.

Subsequently, every participant engages itself to fully respect the terms of this charter.

Article 1 – Event’s date

The dives will take place from Monday the second to Wednesday the fourth of June 2008.

Article 2 - Booking

Due to the nature of this event and the need of the logistic and management it was decided to implement a booking procedure, so a maximum of divers could be part of and in the best condition.

A parity between the number of French and foreign divers will be respected.

Due to the activity itself, this event will be open only to major (18 years) that is why no minor, even though with the acceptance of their parents could be able to participate to the dives.

Only a total of 46 divers would be possible for the three days, so 14 for one day would have access to Fontaine de Vaucluse.

The booking will start from the 01/01/2008 and has to be address to PSP.
The booking formulary will be put on our website at the same date:

Or by poste, at:
Plongeurs Spéléologues de Paris (PSP)
Cellular: +33 (0)6 89 33 99 25

Your formulary should arrived at the latest the 31/03/2008 (date on the mail or of the e-mail will be used). Every diver has to be in charge of its own inscription.

Latest inscriptions would be accepted only if some free places would be still available after the regular inscription closed.

The booking formulary should be sent signed and with the present charter with the mention « lu et approuvé » (read and accepted), the date and signed, for each of the persons who are registering.

IMPORTANT: all uncompleted files or without the needed acceptance will be not take in account.

Article 3 – Booking Endline

The 31/03/2008

Article 4 – How will be define the day and the time of the dive

In order to keep simple the management of the event and also for the equity of all, the day and time of dive will be chosen following the date of the mail or email which were sent to the PSP.

The PSP will inform the divers at the latest the 15/04/2008 of the date and the time which will be theirs, in order to them to organize their dive.

Article 5 – Definitive allowance to the dive at Fontaine de Vaucluse

During the congress at ST NAZAIRE EN ROYANS, the 01/06/2008, an information meeting will take place and the organization and safety rules will be remembered.

IMPORTANT: the definitive allowance to dive at Fontaine de Vaucluse will be given during this meeting, it implies that at least one of the buddy should be present. It will be also only during this meeting that the right to dive could be lost and the access to the place will be limited to the persons who have this authorization to dive.

Article 6 – Organization and schedule of the dives

Each diver and so buddy team should received the date and time by email or post. The organization committee will not have the possibility to change the date and the time.

The dives will start every 60 min.

The divers will dive by two, not more, not less.
Each diver can dive with whom he wants but it has to be specified at the moment of the booking on the booking sheet. (with the respect of article 2)

If a change on a diver would have to be done after the booking, a specific inquiry would have to be made to the organization committee, this one will decide if this modification is accepted or not.

The new diver should have the right to dive as described in article 4. Every divers without this authorization will not be able to dive.

Article 7 - Dressing

A place for undressing/ dressing is planed and will be delimited on site.

The entry of the cavity will be prepared and here also a zone will be delimited, so called “water entry”. The access will be controlled and limited in function of the schedule of the divers.

Article 8 – Dive registering

Each dive team, all must be present, have to register to the person in charge at the entry of the diving zone and 30 min before the time of dive which is planed.

Each diver has to sign itself the registering sheet before and after its dive. It will have also to write the composition of the gas of its bottles. These compositions should be also clearly visible on the tanks.

Article 9 – Water Entry

In order to help the organization and for the other divers, it is really asked to respect your time of immersion.
If not, the organization would be able to refuse the access to the water entry at every divers who will not be ready in due time.

Article 10 – Compulsory gears

The set-up of every participant is of their only concern since it is based on the type of dives the usually made in their country.

Therefore, the organization will be opened on this topic and will not ask for a special set-up and so divers will be able to dive with the one they are used to.

But, the safety rules which are the basis of cave-diving imply a minimum gear set-up and the organization will not accept any divers which not fulfill them.

They are the following:

- Single tank dives are banned
- it must be possible to close the connection of twin cylinder in case of regulator failures. The organization would prefer not connected twin cylinders
- Every tank must have at least one regulator and each regulator its pressure gauge.
- Each diver should have two independent light sources, three would be better.

The divers must take care themselves of the integrality of their dive and this, on the set-up and technical point of view, it is expected that the gears are up to date for the maintenance and adapted to the activity.

The organization will refuse the access to the water entry to the divers for whom their set-up will not fulfill the description above.

Article 11 – Depth and time of diving

For the safety of divers the following depth limits have to be respected:

- For air or EAN mixtures the limit is 40 m and with a maximum partial pressure of oxygen of 1.4 bar.
- For trimix diver the limit is 60 m with a maximum partial pressure of oxygen of 1.4 bar.
- Dives must not be longer than 60 min with bottom and deco time all together.
- Reabreather are banned

For rebreather, we are trying to find a better solution since we think that this banned is against progress of our activity. But at the present time, we are not able to put in place the safety organization asked by these machines.
We are waiting for any propositions from you regarding this particular topic.

Article 12 – Charter approval

Each undersigned diver recognizes that it is doing cave diving on a regularly basis and that it knows perfectly how to manage situations that he can be faced to and that he has the gears to solve them, and that he recognizes the possible danger of the cave diving activity.

Each diver must be aware that he is the only one to responsible of its dives and its gears, and that it will not pursue or have recourse against the organization committee and the «Club des Plongeurs Spéléologues de Paris» for any damaged to him, by his own fault or by the fact of others.
The «club des Plongeurs spéléologues de Paris» will not supervise any dive and each diver must have the capabilities to do these dives.

Article 13 – Unrespect of this charter

Each person who would not respect one of the articles of this charter or would not accept the entire charter would be excluded, at any moment, from this event and the access to Fontaine de Vaucluse would be refused. This exclusion would be decided by the president of the PSP or any other person allowed by him.

(write lu et approuvé (read and approved))


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