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Auteur Titre: Cova Del Moraig, Alicante, Spain Date
John V
Cova del Moraig, Benitachell, Alicante, Spain
Diver: J Volanthen


Returning to the Moraig after 2 years, I intended to look at leads not explored on previous dives.
The line was found to be in good condition to 700m, however there was tens of meters of loose line in the tubes and pot leading to the deep section, which required considerable work to remove and re-line. The diver decompressed up to look for an alcove noted previously at -21m. This was found and explored for 130m to a depth of 45m where a collapse was reached. This tunnel probably issues the bulk of the water during flood. Further decompression allowed the diver to surface and reach the airbell found by Rick Stanton in May 2000 - during decompression a passage at -6m was explored for 70m but found to be an oxbow.

Passing the airbell, initially following Rick's line Left, a new tunnel on the left was explored for 100m to reach Rick's line again. Continuing on and reaching the left end of Rick's line, 80m of line was laid in an ongoing upstream passage at -24m. The way on was left open.


Returning to the small chamber at the end of the Deep section a passage was spotted Leading off North East at -52m. This clean washed downstream passage was noted to take considerably more flow than the way the diver had just arrived from. 230m of line was laid and the passage gradually changed bearing to East and rose to -15m where a constricted bedding was found but not passed. This passage almost certainly surfaces and connects to the Choke found at the end of the Galeria del Largo. 2 further passages were followed at the end of the deep section, but neither were substantial.

From these dives (and previous explorations in 2002) it is clear that further reaches of this cave are very complex and that the best chance of confirming the way on is to try to dive in very high flow. The total length of passage in this cave is now > 3Km. A return is planned.

see for Bernard Pack's original survey
and for a history of the exploration prior to the year 2000.
2006-01-04 19:37:56
jean-marc That's very friendly to keep us informed about this impressive cave.
Thank you very much.

Il y a quelqu'un qui se sent le courage de traduire ?

2006-01-04 22:49:37