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Auteur Titre: CONGRESS : jump race and some other activities Date
Anonyme This year you will be the KEY PLAYERS of your congress!

As you may have heard this year we have some new cool features coming!!! Now I can inform you officially that we are
going to organize with the cooperation of the CDS 26 a jump race and some other activities...

The race will be reward by numerous prizes which will be offered by the Company " Expé " specialist in speleologist
equipment, trekking and so on...
Have a look to

It consists of :

- descent on rope of the aqueduct / 40 meters
- passage of diverse obstacle with ballasted kit
- "jump" in the water with fins and passage in apnea
- go back up to the top of the aqueduct

The contest will be timed
A climbing wall, also timed, will allow you to collect precious points for the final classification!!!!

There will be an individual classification and a classification by team of 4 (allowing all of you to participate)

- individual: first three will be rewarded
- by team: first three team will be rewarded

******************** Don't forget you climbing harness, your fins, your mask and wet suit ********************

The show must go on ;O)

--> Registrations forms are being taken at the congress

Yours sincerely

Joël enndewell
0033 (0)6 89 33 99 25
2008-02-19 18:23:04