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Auteur Titre: In English the resume of French congress Date
C E - J E
Translate: by- Cristiana JONES-
Thanks for having the courage to translate this long text (Joel ENNDEWELL)


This is how I lived the 2e international congress of cave diving 2006!!!!

At the beginning there was the Telephone, diabolic machine but Joel’s essential tool to manage this project. The Country cottage (our very small house) still echos the long animated and passionate conversations with the team of buddies that organizes the congress with him, the exhibitors or speakers, Julia on the phone from Moscow to organize the arrival of this Russian team, the Town hall of St Nazaire in Royans. In short, my 1st Enndewellienne vision of this congress is Joel with a telephone in his hand.

2nd vision, him and his computer, quiet coworker but oh so much essential. If he spoke much, he wrote much and e-mail was his second mean of communication and here, dead silence in the Country cottage, only the purring of the cats, the snoring of the dogs, and hooting of our girlfriends the owls (we live in the forest and they are very present around us).
Silence which I appreciated at its right value!!!!!!! And then, it is the result of these long months of preparation.

Sunday June 21st, ROISSY direction with Michel RIBERA known as Yopi to fetch Siberian Andreï and his 2 buddies. Yopi takes the direction of FOISSAC (AVEYRON) right away with our 3 Russians, it is agreed that us, we remain to welcome the 2nd team which will arrive by road in the night of Sunday to Monday, and which will go back Monday via Roissy.

Monday 22nd, 1h in the morning, in the courtyard workshop, strange image of 2 people around a barbecue (fortunately the neighbours, reasonable people, them!!!!!! Are sleeping) we thought, that after 2 days on the road, our Russian friends would have the desire of a hot meal.
Joël’s cell phone rings, Julia tells us that the team is lost and that they are in front of Notre Dame, - lost we do not think - They were right to want to check out PARIS, to come from so far away and not to see Notre Dame would have been a pity.
On our end, we decide to go to bed while waiting for them and at 3 AM, Julia tells us being not very far from the workshop, Joel leaves by car to look for them. Too much tired, they wish to sleep and the barbecue will be for the morning, as a breakfast.

Monday 22nd, 8H30 they are up, their music echos in the workshop and we greet. The kettle is whistling shortly, the pasta is to be cooked, in a word the Franco-Russian breakfast starts. Joel leaves us with Julia to go collect other Russians in ROISSY and here I am all alone, with my remote English of a bad schoolgirl and, at 50, I regret not having been attentive because I could not communicate as I would have wanted and that is very very frustrating.
But the dialogue is established all the same, a mixture of English, French and Russian but also by gestures and we are able to understand us.

Génia, the Moscovite, shows me a photograph of his 2 small daughters, Iréna shows me her 2 cats and me, I I show the photographs of the Enndewell family as well. I ask via Joel, that I called for Help, that somebody takes me to the "BIG SHOP" (in English in the text please). We leave with 2 cars, they want to also to do some shopping. And there, the “obstacle course” starts for me. Who that never found himself in front of a Russian showing him a box of lentils and sausages and requiring to explain him what is in the contents throws me a stone!!! As for caramelized duck, the solution came to me from "Walt Disney" because I could say only "Dufy Duck" and only there the word duck returned to me for duck. To make a long story short, if I must continue to help Joel for this international congress, oh well it is necessary that I take up English and quickly!!!!!!!

We come back and find everyone around the barbecue and there, just arrived from Roissy, one of the girls was already turning the sausages on the grill, with Génia activating the coals. And yes, they are like that the Russians, during all their stay, they did not stop asking whether I needed assistance (girls like the boys). Joël takes out the map of France, our Russian friends take out the computers to actuate their GPS and here we finally go to FOISSAC in AVEYRON. Only the van goes solo and leaves before us.

We take with us, in the camping car, a couple of young Russian (the van is full between the equipment and the Russians). She speaks very very good English, he only Russian. And the first thing that she says to us is that they make a point of sharing the fuel expenses with us. No worries, we tell them, had we been 2 or 4 we would have taken the camping car anyways. And the waltz of the languages begins and will stop only at the end of the congress. She asks questions in English, Joel answers and she translates for the young man into Russian. End of the afternoon, we take out the pork meats because we will arrive at FOISSAC only towards 21H.

In FOISSAC, Jean-Philippe welcomes us, puts the camping at our (which is located right next to the entry of the cave). The tents are assembled with headlamps, the stoves are lit and our small world starts to gather around our 2 Siberian a mug in the hand and yes a bottle had been just popped open.

Still no news of the van, 1h in the morning the phone rings, the van is a bit lost and they ask us to come and get them. Twice, Jean-Philippe and Julia’s husban leave but do not find them. (They tell us to be on the square of the village in front of the church, but Jean-Philippe tells us that there is no church on the square of the village of FOISSAC!!!!!!!Sic). Julia’s husband decides to recontact them and there, they get a “local” on the phone, and Jean-Philippe hears that they are well with FOISSAC but in GARD. No worries, our young Russians take the wheel again (it should be said that of what I could see, it is the girls who drive much) and at 7h AM on Tuesday 23rd they are at the camping with us.

The camping is organized, the compressor is shortly in action, the camping gas stoves function with full output, they drink lots of coffee and tea and also often eat pasta, canned pork, candied fruits, cornflakes style flakes, and of course each time it is asked to us whether we want some, I do my first franco-Russian culinary exchanges, Russian chocolate against Camembert cheese and glass of Cahors.

Génia makes a point of showing us photographs of his job. He works on a rope to do welding worek on buildings in MOSCOW, 250m above the vacuum and he writes that the outside temperature of this winter was - 35. Sometimes according to the photographs, it is necessary to break the ice before tackling the job. Vivifying at this altitude (I include/understand why he often drinks tea or coffee!!!) some photographs of a cave which he visits with buddies and here we are, beyond the language barrier to share moments which for me, will remain in my memory. The young women of the van take many photographs, like me, and there too we have a common point. Our two 4 legs (Bitch and max) help bringing us together, they will never have been photographed as much, nourished and cherished.

Various groups are formed, some will dive Ressel, others will do some caving with Eric, a buddy of Jean-Philippe, the others will take photographs or visit. The evening, campfire (we have pig ribs to make a roast). The guitar is out, Julia’s husband sings, the bottles are opened as much on the French as the Russian side. Some at the end of the evening enjoyed it well !!!! and I think, during the cave visit that we do with a passionate and intriguiging Jean-Philippe some photographs will arrive to Russia "Fuzzy" and yes, vodka or red wine does not help for the development!!!! Slept late or early as you want.

Wednesday 24th, Yopi’s departure with Siberian Andreï and his buddies, for them, visit of Fountaine de Vaucluse then dive in Bourg-St-Andéol. The rest of the Russians, same program than on Tuesday, diving, walks, photographs. For Joel and me, departure for St Nazaire in Royans to prepare the congress. Yves ROY, called Yves of Wood leaves before us to deposit the material of the congress in St Nazaire in Royans then it is joined by Yopi and the others in Bourg-St-Andéol. They will join us for the congress Thursday evening.

Thursday 25th in the morning, Joel is 60 years old, his new condition of retired man makes him happy and especially, do not change anything, all goes well for him!!!! We are welcomed by Margritt with which we have the breakfast. Christine BILLAUD arrives and opens the cave of THAIS and Margritt leaves to dive.

We, we take possession of the place, Pierre Morel (old friend of long date) and Evelyne arrive by motorbike. Pierre is the troglodyte who leaves the room of cthe onferences only to dine and sleep. Ungrateful job but oh how much important for the good functioning of the congress.

Michel and Annie RAYMOND (old friends of sea diving) join the team a little later in the course of the day. Michel will be the photographer of the congress.

Evelyne, Annie and myself prepare the signs and the reception of the following day with MANOLO and his daughters, old buddy of Joel, they had not seen each other for 30 years. Pierre sets up the room of conference, Yopi, which is our Mister communication, prepares his communication for the weekend, Joel is all azimuth, like always in the starting blocks “à.fond à.fond” !!!!!!!! Michel is already going to take pictures of the site. Yves of Wood is occupied with his various and varied occupations but oh how much useful to all and all. As you can note it, small team but overflowing with vitality.

Jean-Noël, our deli man prepares to be ready to welcome everyone with the "free" breakfast of Friday morning.

Thursday evening we share our meals, towards 22h we welcome our Italian friends, they come from TRIESTE and were on the road for 9h, we propose a snack, Margritt takes out the provisions. We get the Cahors. And yes, let us not forget that we are in France, one does not have vodka but one has of Cahors!!!!!

Friday 26th, 1st day of the congress, we all get to our spot, each one knows that it has to be made. The congress partipants arrive and find themselves around a coffee, our exhibitors finish setting up their stand, the sun is there, the congress can start. Towards 10h30, Joel opens the congress with a small speech.

What I saw of the congress is located especially at the level of the reception hall. It is to be stressed that our friends of St Nazaire in Royans, Christine, Roy (Robert Jean), Gilbert and Yves offered us and free, for all the congress participants the entry to the cave of THAIS and seats for the ballad on the paddle steamer.

Obviously I left my hall (where the girlfriends replaced me), what to say about the images which I would remember and this, seen of my window!! People on all the floors, some around a glass, some in front of diving equipment, some in the conferences and some strolling on the small beach of the lake.

Joel asks one of the Russian, he comes from Crimea to expose his Rebreather and his dry suit, material quite different from the divers of our regions. Much among you was observing this equipement which even if less modern is not less effective. A journalist, in one of these articles, put a photograph of this rebreather, the next morning, I bought the newspaper and I took a copy for our Russian so that he is left with a memory.

The Russians offer Joel a gift, a set of doubles made with a small extinguisher coupled to a vodka bottle (full obviously) with a pressure gauge and a pressure reducer (material of another age!!). I found that super, the idea is brilliant and we will keep it preciously.

Friday evening, the meal of Jean-Noël is very good, simple but good. Late in the evening, Joel takes us along in small committee to visit the cave of THAIS, we take pictures with Richard HUTTLER there. We had fun (thank you Christine). The few irreducible ones are found around crepes (given by Gégé of PENMARCH, which we met for the 1st time at the congress, because we had conversed until there only by e-mail and phone). He arrived at the reception with 120 crepes, 3 enormous cakes with butter, the cider and Lambig 40% (it kills as much as a vodka). We do want to apologize to Gégé, but Joel taken in the storm of the congress could not devote a little time to him and moreover, we did not realize right away the quantity which he had brought otherwise we would have had more people enjoy it.

Saturday 27th, 2nd day, More congress participants arrive, 2 Spanish guys, buddies of Joel PRAX are there, they were already there last year, the buddies of PlongéeSout arrive, Fred MARTIN, Olivier LANET and other buddies I do not know the name, which form part of the team of the SSF Plongée which take good care of my small husband, during training when my husband is in the stretcher. My buddy Pascal REILE and his wife, cave diver in the DOUBS, Olivier PEDRON, Frenchman who has lived in Romania for 14 years and which came to see us, he told us that the next year, he would return with a congregation of Roumanians, Claude says Claudius and its buddies, Claude TOULOUMDJIAN, Cristiana JONES and her husband, Cristiana proposed to do translations (Italian and English).

This was the rhythm of these 2 days of congress where I tightened hands, embraced cheeks of French or Foreign people known or unknown. Days rich in faces. Knowing only little people in this community, that nobody is upset, if I do not quote everyone, fault of not knowing their names.

19h, Mr. JOUFFREY, Mayor of St Nazaire in Royan and his staff are there as well as a person in charge for the General council, we begin the aperitif with the speech of Joel, then we go to the table, regional meal, always prepared by Jean-Noël, then at the end of evening, Film presented by the Russians. Here’s the moment to say goodbye, a person asks me whether there remains TEE-SHIRT of the congress, and well not, I tell him, and is gone, he is disappointed and Joel seeing him like this strips himself and he gives him own TEE-SHIRT. Here is Enndewell’s naked chest and well in the continuity of the exchanges, Andreï is also stripped and gives him his own TEE-SHIRT, everyone leaves in insane laughter. Génia comes to say goodbye to us and gives us 2 pieces of 10 roubles each one by saying to us that they will be used for us to travel by subway in Moscow when we come to visit him, then he wants to carry a toast to the red wine, Joel tests well, but he passes the relay to me, it is well-known that in family ENNDEWELL I drink for two!! And it is up to me (with much pleasure), the flashes flash to freeze the moment in time. Who would have said to me that at 50 years I will carry a toast to the red wine with a Moscovite?? These are the surprises of life and fortunately they exist, because in the harsh world in which we live, these moments of exchanges, during those 2 days, we all experienced are formidable.

We still remained to discuss with Olivier PEDRON, Claude TOULOUMDJIAN joined us for a moment and then everyone disappears either to sleep, or to take again the road END OF the CONGRESS 2006.

The end, not really, Sunday 28th, we find ourselves in a small committee, PASCAL and Elisabeth roll up the sleeves to help us clean everything. You see when one presents a room for a congress to you, it is never big enough !! And well when it arrives the moment to clean it, all the 4 thought that it was sufficiently "Large for it". End of day, we find ourselves both with Yves of Wood. We are invited at Christine and Yves BILLAUD, calm and pleasant meal and especially 1st long night of rest because since Monday the 22nd nights were short for us but WITHOUT REGRET. Here, I am done.

Some surely will find that the ENNDEWELL was quite long but, you know well, I am a woman and the women are talkative Not!!!!! Then there, I say STOP, you never heard yourself speaking about your passion, which is the cave diving and well I, I tell you that you had to be, woman, in one previous life and it is a woman tells you.


Hello, Cool my wife did all the job, I just have to sign hiiiii
Me I would say that it went almost like that, because with the obviousness one did not see the same people and the same things and it is normal.
So like all or almost was said as will restrain myself to the technical part of this congress, thanks to the recording made with the reception, we listed with this 2nd congress :
4 Belgians of which certain member of the Belgian caving rescue team
2 Spanish guys already present last year
1 American whose wife had the kindness to translate several conferences
3 Italian brought us an expo of old photographs
7 Suiss neighbors (Maxime was absent during the Week-end)
23 Russians whose Vodka was well appreciated
some 2 Danes
5 Germans
62 French (in my opinion they can do better)
We regretted the absence of Bernard GIAI-CHECA, victim the day before of the congress, of an important car accident, but to date his state is improving greatly.
Without counting those which were not registered and which I met that made on the whole approximately 130 people, plus the Staff of the P-P-S is 138 on the whole I am disappointed, indeed I thought that we would do better but quality has to replace the quantity, so much the exchanges were rich I thank the exhibitors for having trusted us. The Distribution FFESSM and FFS was nearly identical And this year we did not use the boxing gloves !! Mmm oh well !!hiiiiiiiiiiiii

I hope that you all have had an excellent week-end.
For the next year we have already ideas
All thank you, by your presence

See you soon


PS:The pictures will be soon visible on our site : and the financial balance will be published as promised, as soon as we close the accounts.

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