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Auteur Titre: Wookey hole (UK) Date
Frank Des nouvelles toutes fraîches d'outre Manche.

Today Rick Stanton pushed the end of Wookey hole beyond chamber 25 to -90meters a new British record.
2005-06-12 23:38:06
one more went to wookey hole yesterday with John
Volanthan and Rick, they have pushed it now to a depth
of 90m!! pretty impressive for a uk cave. (and I got
to sit around in a cold wetsuit for several hours with
the other guys who carried!)
2005-06-13 13:24:08
always Posté ce jour sur le forum du CDG par Rick Stanton

This Sunday saw the first push of the year at the end of Wookey by John Volanthen & myself ably assisted by a large team of the usual crew plus some new faces.

Unfortunately the passage rather than rising up as had originally hoped has now descended to -90m after a further 80m of line was laid. It appears to have levelled off here at least for the distance viewed ahead.

It was agreed by both of us that the second squeeze has moved & become even smaller.

Further dives are planned but chamber 26 is looking more evasive.

Dive time beyond 25 was three hours, total time in cave nine hours.
2005-06-13 16:11:08