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Auteur Titre: International French Congress 2008 English version Date

International French Congress 2008 English version

The aim of this congress is to gather divers from all the world to help them sharing their know-how and knowledge.

The 4th international cave diving congress will take place at Saint Nazaire en Royans (France, Drôme) on the 31th of May and the 1st of June 2008.

• French and foreign video projections and conferences will be presented in the dedicated room
• The two meals in common will be a time to enjoy the regional specialties and, more interesting, to get together all the participants.
• Both professionals and associative organizations will present either their diving stuff or their work on stands, which will be dedicated for this purpose.

Based on the last year's key points. For memory:
• The historical dive of Mr. LETRONNE
• The presentation of the Stretcher of the SSF Plongée ( , French Cave Diving Rescue)

Three important points will change or improve in 2008 in order to have a more lively event:

1- To please more participants, this event will take place during a two days long week-end instead of a longer one.

2- Our attention was pointed out on the interest to organize a leisure part inside the event.
We are going to organize an individual and team obstacle course in order to strengthen the exchange between the countries. This round will be divided in several parts:
• • Climb down on rope
• • A swim with small free-diving parts
• • An obstacle course with the carrying of a kit
• • and to finish a climb up, by the mean of a jumar, to the starting point
The faster, the best !

A climbing contest will also be organized with on stones walls.

The better will won!!! They will have the right to go on our podium and to receive a prize.

3- The PSP will take in charge, as the previous years, to help foreign cave divers to discover the most beautiful french cavities during the week before the congress.

This year, it was decided to show them the cavity of Jura and Doubs.

We kindly invite French divers, who have the opportunity and the time, to join us for, we are sure, sharing unforgettable time.

Last but not least!!!

I can already announce that with the support of Roland PASTOR and his team from the SSFV (Speleological Section of Fontaine de Vaucluse), the PSP is in charge to organize 3 days of cave diving at the “Fontaine de Vaucluse”.

From the 2nd to 4th of June, ie after the congress, we will go diving at the “FONTAINE DE VAUCLUSE“

All the divers, who want to, can ask to join. A charter and a formal agreement were concluded between the PPS and SSFV.
But not more than 46 divers would be authorized to dive during the three days, what means 14 each day.

We are going to publish soon on the website and on this forum (early of December) the registration form.

The inscription is mandatory to be authorized to dive and you should register from the 1st of January until the 31st of March 2008.
The reception order of your form (post mailing or email date) will determine the day of the dive.

I do not tell more since everything will be explain in details in the charter but I will be delighted to answer to any of specific question you could have.

I hope that you will be a lot to join us, either at the congress or FONTAINE de VAUCLUSE!

All the PSP team is looking forward to seeing you at the congress, sportively yours,

For the PSP
0033 (0)6 89 33 99 25
2007-11-29 07:03:58
je If any of you have! a conference or a film ! We are interested to present your work


Joël enndewell
2008-02-04 07:13:06