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Auteur Titre: Leon Sinks - Turner Sink Exploration 1/Jul/2006 Date
Josep Guarro Désolé pour le manque de traduction, je ne vais pas aussi bien en français à pouvoir le traduire


Despite the recent rains, the Leon Sinks system remains clear downstream of Turner Sink. With a solid support and setup team in place the exploration team was able to add 1 mile on top of the 6,000ft added on June 3. The tunnel continues to trend SE towards Wakulla and remains massive in scale. Average depth is 270ft mid-conduit, 300ft in some sections and 325ft on the floor. Bottom time was 390 minutes at 270ft followed by 13 hours of decompression. A job well done on the part of Mark Garland and Mark Messersmith for delivering 4 safeties, 4 drives and 2 scooters to 6,500ft. It made a big difference in terms of setting the pace going into the cave. Exiting against the flow was less efficient of course but we knew it going in and just had to deal with it for the exit. 140ft per minute going in and 70ft per minute on the exit pretty much sums it up. Straight line distance to the SW section of Wakulla should now be around 10,000ft once we get the data plotted. More details and a complete writeup in the works for the 6/3 and 7/1 outings.

Huge thanks to the support crew who took time away from the holiday weekend and allowed us to safely make the most of this limited opportunity:

Todd Leonard, Shellie Foss, Jim Miller, Jackie, Kell Canty, Robert Bognar, Doug Mudry, Pina P, David Doolette, Hunter Swearingen, Brian Swearingen

Chris Werner, John Rose – late night food

Casey McKinlay

Project Director

Woodville Karst Plain Project
2006-07-03 21:11:37