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Auteur Titre: Diving in France the week before congress Date

The PSP will take in charge, as the previous years, to help foreign cave divers to discover the most beautiful french cavities during the week before the congress.

This year, it was decided to show them the cavity of Jura and Doubs.

We kindly invite French divers, who have the opportunity and the time, to join us for, we are sure, sharing unforgettable time.

0033 (0)6 89 33 99 25
2007-12-05 07:10:51
je Hi
We will give moor information end dateless for this week diving on our web site son as ready

Best diving regards

2008-02-04 07:09:16
je the week diving before the international congress

The CDS 01 diving commission in partnership with the speleologist
club of A.D.A.M.S are proud to organize for 2008 the week diving
before the international congress. This week will take place from May
25th till May 29th.

The event will be held on the municipality of Arandas to the place
called "Chantigneux.

It will be suggested to dive the resurgences of the department. A
list of cavities will be handed to you at your arrival as well as
coordinates and topographies. A schedule will be set up according to
the diving places, weather forecast, number of divers, etc.

Where to stay / camping :we will provide for the camper's a field
where you can set up your tent. (WC and shower will be at the
inhabitant's). It will cost approximately 2 euros per day and per

"Getting ready for my first cave excursion!!!": a dry cave trip can
be organized for accompagnants if there is interest (no need of
specific training / equipment included)

"To gather together" a special meeting will be scheduled on
Thursday afternoon (May 29th)... be ready festivities will goes late
into the night!!!

More details about diving places and camping / accommodation will
be put online later.

For any further questions, concerns or for registration please

Thierry Gonon

or joel enndewell

2008-02-11 17:21:00